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* Trans passport performance /interact pass (scanning, capture tools?)x 3 axes (parameters?) of biomorphological, visual, and 1) administrative- 2) utopian

Images used to discuss a theoretical/utopian passport are here:
hacking Edition:  Legend of the basic map (IGN) with FT* – FEMALE TO SOMETHING  / MT* – MALE TO SOMETHING

how fashion can be used as camouflage from face-detection technology
Adam Harvey

//mesuring "atribruts"

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sharing some thoughts/interrogations which could trigger experiments.... 


border crossing

hacking the body to cross the border (or to see the border no longer as a barrier) or hacking the border to cross the body (body becomes barrierless)

fixed borders for changing bodies. changing borders for changing bodies.

fluid bodies. fluids.

what does a border look like? how much human, machine, metal is in it? do they have photos and legends? what's their scale? is it a human scale or not? if not, how to reduce them to human scale or how to augment our scale to theirs?

groping and consent, need and desire. masks/clothes and skin. groping back. groping the border. groping the country - the interior/intimate parts of the country. what are the delights but also the dangers to antropomorphise the country and the border?

who owns the border? who lives this space?  a border is a space. detailed maps of a border - how intricate are they?

can a border be good? we somehow need/desire to contain our fluid bodies, do we need/desire to contain countries?

when I cross a border, they count me, I am counted (do I also count?). When I am prevented from doing so, I am counted anyway, but only partially, and I surely do not count. It's therefore a withdrawal or a forbidding of my claim/desire to count.

counting unilaterally is a violence (reference to queer methodologies).

time issues. who gets to determine the time at a border? we know the techniques

smell, humidity and sound when crossing the border. beeping back. having your own flashlights.


how cumbersome is it? is digital forecefully less cumbersome than paper? "digital" already maps back to the finger, the hand. the hand (even the one that gropes us) is instrusive.

a digital print is a map of the fingertip, or is it not? If it is not a map, what is missing in it? is the face photo in a passport a map of the face? even if it is, it is a static one. how to take into account changes to the face or body since the last time you took a photo? (due to testosterone intake, due to ageing, due to weating glasses or changed hairdo, due to masks you implanted upon or under your skin)

gender imprints as an alternative to digital prints.... what maps of the body emerge? how does a session for getting your passport done look like? they want to know your gender? so give it to them!

topological maps of face, maps of gender (I've seen topological maps of mountains, of seas, how do you depitc maps of caves? with a traced line?....). 

maps that, just like a passport with its many pages/layers, have layers (of semi-transparent paper). you get to choose what layers are in it. The information in the passport has different status of privacy (public, private, friends, friends of friends), and it isYOU who decides to activate them when you want and where you want. that  information cannot be stored in one single place, unless that place is you.

a map, a passport, a photo....they are always a representation. a limited one. an incompetent one! they do not represent me (unless I want them to, and even so.....they are always a flattening/simplification). mathematically, they are a derivation, or a cascade of derivations (almost like a hearsay), and also mathematically one knows you can never re-integrate without increasing degrees of uncertainty.

auto-ethnographical passports. how do institutions (public adminsitrations, academia) dela with them?

mapping issues

the passport seems like a map with some legends added to it. identitity cards also add your height, which is a way to establish the scale (just imagine that the person showing up at an airport border control was the actual size of the photo!) just imagine that the person has a prothesis of an identity card aroundnd one's head.
linking micromaps of the body or body parts with maps of a country or a border town.

how do maps relate to other maps? we tend to resort to a kind of comparative statics to compare them and see links bettween them.... are there alternatives? could we use those alternatives to our profit?

other questions

parameter are constraints, they can also create possibilities (especially if you choose them). hierarchies among parameters. when do parameters degenerate into variables (is t when we are carrying out the meta-analysis?) and vice-versa. can orientation be seen as a parameter?

are maps good or bad? seems like it depends on who gets to grab them (the story about Hitler's maps).

optional maps. similarity between body maps and country maps.

how do you map non-bodily issues?

do maps forcefully have to be visual? what to non-visual maps "look like"? can we (consciously) map spaces without them having a visual interface/expression?

maps that feature forests are also telling you where you can be lost, where you might wish not to be found. the right not to be found as a claim. the right not to be identified, and even to indicate no orientation (is there always an orientation? are always goind somewhere? Orlando's corridor)

can maps have no metrics? can maps be only about counting? what about topological maps (how do you mark borders on those)?

the geodesic point of a country, the geodesic point of a body. its meaning. is pointing rude??? 

some more issues...

golden visas.... do we want to be rich anyway? alternatives to golden. 
Mode 4 in WTO: work, bitch!!
if it is metal, it has to be at the surface. but what about intimate jewelery?
only medical protheses tolerated. what does that tell about the way they see you? sick, incomplete, broken?
fighting back: abject as a weapon.
how does this relate to mapping? are you mapping your bodily possibilities to the border? or ist it the other way round? or none of those? are we changing our body map?