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reconstructing a story in 3D
forensic architecture
action reaction rather than arrangement of 'action' or animation blocks with interpolated movement
domino effect

a moment that is mediatized might have many more layers

choreography of a moment that ties into a slow choreography that leads into that moment


a situation as a reference point

time -- a moment in time -- framing

what we know
the pinhole camera

registering when/while things change
vs registering

the whispering/stretching map

using 3d in court. labour intensive
creating images that are expected

relation between a story and the rendering, the technologies to use for it

shifting data -- not a stable image
sound as a parameter and the image as a parameter

seeing differently with/out sound

sonic investigation, sonification
evidence from sound


PTSD fixation on an imaget that haunts
anxiety and sound, constant presence in ones mind that can evoke any image at any time

If a sound invokes a feeling - context and the realism of the sound doesn't particulary matter. If an image comes into the process, at any point, then it takes over from the sound. Not just sounds but the tome (tone) of the sound


The event
Libya case - how is it connected to the deals being made between North Africa and the Fort of Europe by European Governments. Why this story and not others? Chilling effect for those wanting to risk leaving. 

Ecosystem of stories that are emerging. Intention rather than antheticity of the image. When we think of reconstruction we think of other technologies like 3D when it might be coming in mediums we are more accommised to. 

Charles Heller - Liquid Tracest - narrating the disagreements between countries on who was responsible for those crossing. Murder weapon is the sea itself. Pulsing sea of electronmagnetic waves. Patchy vision Nato had a poicy of minimal assisstance so that Italy or Malta, for example, could pick them up. The sea as a killer and the sea as a witness. 

Challenge - how to create a reconstruction that does not use the formal language of courts, miliary, etc. Where multiple references are layered, - many of the examples shown fit within the same mainstraim constraints of mapping. 

Transparency, lawyers, vibrating maps that aren't fixed. how to create a map that has a multi-layer that might not make sense. 

The Future Mapping Company - Mark Lombard - mapping on time, entites, countries, events 

How would you offer a counter visualisation that doesn't further military ideals. Hacking the visualisation of events. How to reconstruct something that might be a real story. Aesthitic, tools and software - which one ditates the other, whihc one is a delibrate choice for which intention. How much of these are delibrate choices, that prescribe a cliariity of an image. Exploring alternatives. Politics of certain aethestics. Stories that need ot be told. Evidence that need to come through. Chaereophers that need to be told.

Chroegrapher of a situation that involves other chroegrapher around it.