Potential tomorrow groups:

* Trans passport performance /interact pass (scanning, capture tools?)x 3 axes (parameters?) of biomorphological, visual, and 1) administrative- 2) utopian
* 3 days 'choreography - reenactment - technology - representation' discussion/exploration group [with the migrant slavery event as a startingpoint/reference] - http://etherbox.lan:9001/p/wed-infrontofavatar
* GIS bending course/exercising
* Research group on 'standards' for representing change -> related to dynamic theories of space, data structures & algorithms (R-trees)
* Trying to work with text / language / configuration / parameters. text - how the code was written & co / trans programming language?
* Explorations -- worn sensors / visualization of streams of data as maps (if there is a group that clusters around it - Francois?)
* The dance projection connection: human and non-human layers from a park [urgency of going out] Elvira, Goldian
* Stretching moment (Thursday)
* Francois Tanuki installation

17:00 Francois explains
18:15 we need to be out

10:00 Francois explains (to students) / 
- GIS meeting/morning [conference space]
- reenactment discussion meeting [first floor]
- trans pass group meeting [reading room]
11:30 stretching -- maybe later?
13:00 <lunch>
- meeting: language group + Molenbeek formation


11:30 stretching


Afternoon proposals

Choreography - Reinactment group

Transpassport brainstorm notes
not as a x
all the aspects
what would it incorporate
biometric type passport
body and how it is presented morphbody. morpho-paysage

set up a passing station
where you cab try to pass
that integrates criteria technology of passing.
hacking of self

brainstorm notes downstairs group
reconstruction of events
pinhole camera as metaphor/technique
when things are not clear, how are they reconstructed using technological tools (without repairing them, making everything fit)
ex case in Lybia, migrants being traded as slaves, murdered
-> why these stories come up when
-> what are difficulties
-> what senses are used to reconstruct, visual more predsent than other senses
ex reconstruction of shipwreck, servind a certainideology that wasn't questioned

can someone paste the link to the notes ?

questioning representation/aesthetics. what would we propose as other ways
what could other visualisations look like ?
- not fixed
- layered
- vibrating maps
- re-organising maps
cfr point of view map of Philippe: how to create map that has multilayers
maybe starting from real story
sound as possible parameter to use

the clarity of digital/3D -- layered moments in time/moment
link with choreography
is choreography of a situation, starts generating choreographies around it, rather than talking about reconstruction/evidence
think 3 days about this!!!
stories that need to be told
choreography throug eaesthetics
etc ...

working with dance
brought a wearable tracking system
trans-programming language

gesture recognition and the body: failures + norm
visualising personal maps
transformation of shape, stretching

look at methods to scale, distort, bend
can we move from identity to orientation? use it as method
scale - stretching
from static to dynamic understanding of time/space

insert fictional parameters
methods of study, not so much subjects

a notion of maps that can be stretched and scaled
bodies stretching
words that can morph, explode

how to connect these three - theories of space
[Philippe does "Indian yes" (is that like "Oostindisch doof"?]
any person is geographical agent, space exists together with the bodies
ex North station in morning/evening is different space, because constituted by different bodies
language creates space in the same way


maybe not a geographical map, but another type of map? other data?

what is the limit of GIS
can it map other things than geography?

make shapes relate to each other


Recap of yesterday 

- please read the notes here for yesterday's morning 

summary of the NGI-IGN visit

[Can you drop your pictures on the etherbox? please :-) :-)]

PH: I have a specific perspective ... no idea what all of you got. We have all seen different things.

Pierre H:
    Details of the practice is important 
coming at 8 in the morning, drawing pines for the whole day. Pine-tree tools
Quite different (but also related) to GIS/digital practice.

difficult to discuss easthetics with Jean luc ... 

        taken in by the images, beautiful to see the graphic qualities

User manual of The WILD photogrammetry machine!! -- it was 5 meters wide. http://www.wild-heerbrugg.com/photogrammetry1.htm
for stereoscopic view of the landscape
beauty of the tools
Pantograph (arm

    discover the pattern making tools, 
and the pattern itself, the legenda
normalisation versus unique map

The pattern has an ID-code, but the individual print does not

the base-grid, measurements ...  of the map is fixed, but the choice for the way to draw, to represent objects is more free

sad we could not speak to the people doing digital cartography
GIS team: using Google maps to check details
disconnection / lost connection between digital and the 'attic'
GIS has been built on the lasagna of these practices

shall we do a 'bending GIS' session ?
YES. Fractal mapping (ref. session on transp pass)
mixing scales, can be done on screen, not on paper
vibrating, stretching map.

"maps for people that are walking" -- relation between maps and who is using it. movement + change + scale
he tried to go with bike, did not work

institutional aspect is interesting:
cannot choose their (digital?) tools, dependent on 'tenders' (marché public = Public contracts), human resources 
open source is difficult because of this
interesting to think about their viewpoint
limitations and possibilities, transparancy ... 
interlayering of political constraints, economies, ...

a register of at which moment who was using what tool?

Alex: "I thought it was really stimulating!"

Phall-O-meter: a satirical measurement system / device inspired by Kessler 

Clinometer (mistranslation --> clit-O-meter perhaps emphasizes how easily the practices of cartography and body/gender classification overlap)

Clitometer: ??
Body and territory treated similiarly
Interchangable language
military and civic looks for different things on the terrain
ref to homonationalism -- counting people in terms of gender or not?

markers + genders
Identifying different functions of the map - using several map-systems

Intersectionality of maps. Archiving of maps

organise colors around the black and white drawings
'we start from a situation' situation means: built environment
how the projection gets projected on to the flat surface but is grounded / 'pinned down' by the situation

subsurface mapping and multiple disciplines being busy with how not only map surface, but also below.
This was/is the book in the library: https://openlibrary.org/books/OL5794098M/Subsurface_mapping

Summary : Lexicon of Exile
make a mindmap on paper !

safe spaces: church, park
safe objects: smartphone

body was present in the testimonies

food changes were discussed as a criteria for attachment to a new environment,
food doesn't taste like home
also has effects: you don't realise what the effect is of the food on your body > your body is also changing because of other factors : external but also internal (psy, adaptation) body "geography" connected to "real" geography

in Calais: 
    code language between different languages
    police has a code

rules of the game
put limits with the bodi=y contests the system (did i understand that well pacom?)

how does belonging link to a sense of identity?

camping as leasure vs camping out of lack of house .. connotation of words are changing totally

words as boundaries ...

Being turn apart > mentally separted between here and there
> a word can be turn apart when its meanings are stretching, when its connotations are changing (from camping to camping for exemple)

summary Trans passport (?)

difference sex and gender

surveillance, safety ....

'blakc queer trans afraid' .... fear as a keyword, feeling unsafe

orientation vs. identity 
moving towards the unkown, situating, 
migration platform FB, proposal to make map to help people with transport
is map of quartier: how many cars are available in your neighbourhood
what's the scale of a quartier?
if it is small and practice, it is too precise and risky
and that question of intimacy and safety is a practical issue

the contested power relations of a map
universal passport
how to keep the history without reinforcing the violence

layers of history
connect systems that hold parameters together
disconnecting normed clusters of parameters
how not to gender and talk about being a mother?
(side comment: this is what Ann Leckie does in her recent novel Provenance: i think the word is nother or nuncle)

maps as dominant, colonial, empire tool
can they ever serve the non dominant ?
where are the safe spaces ?

out of the map ?
where are the public spaces ?

how to add layers of complexity
of his(her)story ?
of memories ?
of transhumance ?
of transition ?
choosing wich layer you want or it is safe to show ?

gender as orientation and disorentiation 
exil as orientation and disorentiation

if you see the same park through the gender or colonial past it has different views
it is also for cruising
it is also a masonic places
it was built with the money that came in through congo
each provides a different way of viewing parks
you have a statue of leopold in park forest and duden
it was made with his money
and it continues to be refreshed/color

there is something special about the bust
because the sculpture is facing directly the palais de justice
but leopold's face is tilted, as if he is refusing to look at the palais/justice?

Tracing the re-writing of Congo monuments in Brussels http://westenberg.constantvzw.org/?cat=11

body- identity - public space

a trans-passport, do we want it? what would it be like what would it do?
you were talking about the body being the passport
'my body is my passport'
especially with the matter around passing
when the secondary characterists are in contradition with the primary gender characteristics
your secondary characteristics are seen and read and your primary characteristics are projected
(Random thought: Could this projection be connected to bending GIS mentioned above, vibrating, stretching projections... as a thought experiment....)
this was the opening on the question of passing
the risks involved in being discovered
and the question as tress-passing
in addition to the questions about whether we want a trans-passport
somehow recognizing the fluidity of the body
could also mark us out

to achieve a public identity that is projected on us
cultural genitals

"mapping genitals onto the body"
map and the territory do not conform
play with that, rather than being mapped out as an x person
the risks that one takes and that go along with that
(doc outrans http://outrans.org/ressources/brochures-mtft/)

question of identity as a practice
in terms of the dominant perception, how i might be seen as a fraudulent identity

Parameter stretching


Hanne Darboven: One century in one year
Re-serializing european history
For Benjamin: this is not parametrized

what changes? when to stop? what is the scale?
Alpha 60 working group

archiving alternative history and hacking history
=> reserializing pirate television history

Examples of broadcast maps
tv was transmitted like radio, but also through telephones!
broadcast map examples - concentration/ diffusion : map of the way radio is distributed in a special area
diffusion maps that/to show scale

star trek discovery diffusion : networks, than change of parameters including download


starts with jasper johns on buckminster fuller
parameter = constant d'un calcul (both variable and constant)

visual variables
color - value - shape - orientation - placement - ...
science: number defines largness of ball - can take on different forms
-> cartographer's sensitivity/subjectivity defines the one parameter that allows for different readings (proportion of ball respective to nr of refugees)

"political or emotional intent"

"applying constants on your universe"

rotation as a parameter of projection
projection: how to go from patatoide to flatness
now, looking at other parameters of projection:

"you are on the moon, looking at the map"
if you project sphere on 2D: 
you cannot keep angles, surface and have no cuts (agential cuts? what agency?)

"there is no way to not cut"
there is distortion also
classic solutions: stretch one edge (f.ex. South of North Pole)

parametrization in cartography
jaspar jones drawing of a map
everything else is going to be ugly 

what is parameter?
it is a symbol that can take in an question, that can represent different values
a constant element of a calculation
a variable that is constant

i look at what we are doing with cartography
it is positioned in the space of the screen and paper
it is color, value, grain, shape and orientation
and there are a limited number of them
these are the tools that we have to work with
for each element we want to present, we choose the dimension of the element we want to present
the color, the size, the shape
for this map of refugees
the position is given by the country that is hosting refugees
the shape is given by the cartographiers
that say that it is going to be this ball
the size of the ball is proportionate to the number of refugees
what is our parametrization
it is the function that we use to transform a number of refugees to a size
here it is represented in 3d
usually if you do just a circle, the radius will be a square root of the number that you want to represent
let's say that is science and what you have to use to convey your data
here is a different map with the same rules
the science is the same
the formula are the same
the thing that is not given by science
but the cartographers subjectivity and sensitivity to what has to be represented.
i don't have to tell you that the message is different and the way the message is received is different
that is the basic question about parametrization
it is to change the basis of the computation and to make a visual output that works with the political and emotional intent
subjectivity will give you parameters
you ge then this image that is produced by your system and paramteres

what i did in those last years is to dive into projections
they have many parameters
one is rotation
you have a sphere and you can rotate it on three axis
that is the basic parametrization of a map
that is the aspect of a projection
and we now remove this from the equation and not look at aspect but to project
how do i go from lattitude longitude to pixels
this is highly mathematical
here you have an example of changing an aspect
the idea is that i can reproject that image and change the formula
this is the ortographic projection of how you calculate the projections from infinite space
there are of course always clouds, so this is a construction
when you are doing a projection of a sphere
you cannot keep the angles
and at the same time keep the surface and have no cuts
 you need one cut
 the sphere is not equivalent to any surface
 even if you take an infinite plane
 there is no way to not cut
 even if you cut, you have a problem of distortion
 you want to keep equivalent surfaces
 then the shapes will be distorted
 there are many classic solutions to this
 if i have antartica here
 if you put the south pole at the exterior
 it stretches very thin
 if you put it here
 it is the north pole that is stretched
 there is no way tha tyou can have that works for every question that you ask
 everyone has a solution for project because everyone has a different question
 this projection that is called pneumanic
 it transforms every straight line on the sphere is a straight line on the plane
 if they converge on a sphere, on a plane they diverge

 willian bungee
 had a projection that showed you where you are and the rest of the world
 "is this the situation" 
 you can see in a city where the goods come from
 and these are the nuclear power plants


first time problems with parameters - generating objects, geneology algorithm
"entities populating world space"
probabilities, dying, propagation ... all parameters.

'classes' describe the parameters. Concepts. relations between classes.
"letting the program run as it wants"

parameters and configuration = set of parameters
the world = the configuration = the set of parameters (!!)

(it says 'people' in the configuration file)

maxChildrenByWoman :-P

skeleton setup as a parameter

"parameters is a way to make the system not run wildly"

[could be interesting to work together on re-wording this world]

generative object
entities growing older
it looks like a genetic algorithm
it is not really using this kind of thing
it grows for half an hour
and it will start buildig other spots
and as entities will grow and reproduce and eating the white space
and when all the white space is gone, the whole system collapses and they start over again

do they die? 
yes, they die, there are maximum number of children and gender of entities
the lines you see are the relation between the children and parents
to make this run correctly and presenting it
what i have behind is a set of code

showing code
a project
with files describing different entities
in concepts
the concepts are working together
you have the main application
and for each entity you have g people and they have relation between them like tribes
this is working fine on the cpu
but if i let the program as it wants i end up with something completely stuck
no, how to say, the idea is to produce something that looks like a drawing and not letting the space get filled up
i have to adapt the process with parameters and threshold
and this is the ...
the configuration
configuration is a set of parameters
each line is a paramteter and the whole is a configuration of the program

some of the parameters are related to display and definition
and other things are related to the maximum number of things that you can have when the program starts or during the process
it cannot be more than 10000 people
this is the display configuration also
these are the things
the top layer of the configuration
things i need to modify fastly
these are mainly related to display
when i arrive somewhere i have a beamer and i need to adjust
there is another part of the configuration done directly in the code
these are things that are not easily changed, i have to recompile

womenfertilityperiod = 25

it does not include interactivity
it defines once and for all the parameters
during the running of the application
for all the things that you have below
it is a bit more complex
each point, all the files that you see here are configurations of one of the ... point
a lot of parameters for adapting his behavior
on the display side
you also have other configuration with parameters
the name of the bone to receive
the name of the avatar
parametrization is the way to constrain or restrict what a program can do
to make it do what is interesting to look at
not let it run widely
making it part of the thing here, without this the program will not do anything
explaining to the program what he has to do , at the beginining
how to understand the variables he will receive
and to load ...
you see a lot of comments here
avatar etc. for testing the first day
this is the ball you now have in the installation
it is there to change the behavior of the program

can you load the configuration files on to the etherbox?
it will be good to think about the wording of these files

what is interesting in the many configuration files is that there are actual parameters, but there is also something in the naming of the parameters that is the predescription of the world
and already there you can do a lot of interventions
it forces certain ranges of possibility?

you could create another tribe with different behavior?!
but tribe already has a lot of preconfiguration

in fact, in the wordings
to make "whatever" is the name, the result can be the same
the wording helps me explain to the program what to do and take a decision on the age, sex, position in the world
a way to analyze and cut the program in small pieces
and have thresholds for each of these programs

for this program do you imagine a single, and all our male and female and they have to reproduce?
some can be single all his life.
it is based on statistics...
actual statistics
it is constant tests
dong dong dong

hyperparameters (in Machine Learning)
neural networks -- training parameters (so flexible inflexible variable constants?)


As a photographer, does not work directly with digital.
Work in Algeria, memory of her family
personal parameters and tools

no boundaries in approach 
her own subjectivity - how to relate to people
how to create layers. 
papers, mirrors, transparencies ... a layering toolbox
using situations / elements from the place 
looking for physicial metaphors, things .. but not in their concrete meaning
create a place where the audience can create its own narrative
material culture / cultural material

finding ways to bring what is out of the frame into it (through shadows for example)

pinhole photo's (small box contaiing light sensitive paper, you make a small hole in the box for exposure)
long exposures, tension between space and time

same moments, different expressions because of different techniques

laboruous work of pinhole relates to the IGN painstaking work
hours of inscription
inscribing things that/while they are changing
4th dimension of time. [ref. trans pass discussion]
(also thinking of the situation as a point of reference. and the last map that Philippe showed?)

to think and present something about memory, absence and presence
here are my parameters
the handle bar of the stair case and it has a big cut
it is symbolic of exile
my way of entering these stories of history and identity
is to look for things in a place and territory
where it can be built more metaphorically than concrete
there are documents that i try to put in a contemporary context
to create layers between past and present

also using transparency, working with curtains and glass
and also details of cultural materials/material cultures?
le culture materielle

working with what is out of frame
to be in this kind of tension ,dynamic, dialogye, past present future, memory absence and presence
and photography is a good tool for that

photos of an experience last month
i worked with pinhole photography
a little blackbox
with a film in a box and a little pinhole
you then go in a dark room and develop the film
it is a great way to talk about time
since you need 10-15 minutes of exposure
it becomes a dialogue between spaec and time
if you take a picture of people
it gives a completely different texture and narrative
which is the same movement
this is like compilotheque
it is also movement of 10 minutes
in a square
what kind of traces it leaves

for me it is very interesting to be invited to work with you
maybe we can find ways in the afternoon to map something about these experiences

to have parameters meet?

i cannot help but relate this to the cartographic tools we used yesterday
you are going to this old tech to make things more laborious
an di was impressed by how laborious the cartographic process is
in your case, it becomes part of the aesthatic
but in the map, it is frozen
even if the map was done through months of labor

also expectation of images
when something is blurry it is seen as something that has failed
and the way you work with it, it shows very different thing
in the trans-pass session
we were taling about time and blurry identity
a lot of this keeps on coming back
i find this a beautiful way of looking at it, doing the same technique with different tools

parameters to frame the work space

what does work mean, post-burn-out
what parameters to go to work. Some chosen, some not

Pré burn out:
- relative high income
- amount of years in school
- position (better than my parents, success)
- stability of the work (jobs that last, long term contracts)

some variables:
- things that can happen
- reclaiming things in the workspace

Post burn out:
- reverse budget: how much do I (really) need ? 
- why is this interesting for me ? 
- relation with people I work with, not people i don't know - at least proximity: politics and ... (no word)
- no cv's anymore
- don't want to waste my time anymore
- how tired do i get/does it make me
- personal life / work life balance
- can i have a nap during the day?
- am i (going to be) bored? can i sustain the boredness that will come anyway
- personal is political: emotions matter, so power too (feminism taught me)
- accept me the way i am. not wearing suits! class, gender, orientation ...

i understood the exercise to explain the parameters i choose to frame my workspace
it is not about the tools i use
but what kind of context i like working in
i had a massive burnout and i could not read for a year
there is also a question of income
i don't have capital
to pay the food and so on
i understood after the burnout that there are parameters
that are not exactly mine
that allows me to choose i will work in that place or another
but there was some parameters, and this is how i understood the exercise
it is a question about income
to have a high income that is related to the amount of years that i have been in school
this is not a parameter that i have chosen it was given before
something linked with social position
that i had inherited the idea that i was supposed to have better work than myparents
and a way to succeed
whatever that means
and there was another parameter which was about the stability of the work
i have mainly been in work where i last 7 years or so
except now, i had long term contracts
so those were the parameters before the burnout
and of course there are some variables
things that can happen in a work place
the fact that i had to reclaim stuff inside the work place

so i changed the parameters
i did a reverse budget
on the question of income
how much do i need
instead of how much i am supposed to get because of my education and will to succeed
the second parameter i tried to have
was what is the interest i have in it
it may sound weird
especially if you have higher studies, you choose something, and sometimes i don't 

another parameter with the people i work with 
i try not to work with people i don't know
and not more than one relation from me
there is the question of proximity
political proximity
i don't have exactly the word to describe the parameter

why did you pick that?
because, i never find a work in my whole life that was not actually like this
another decision is not to make a cv anymore
i never find a work, even the long term work
when i was working in institution
i never found a job with a cv
you are doing this, please get in touch with this person, they are looking for something like you
cvs are a waste of time, and i don't want to waste my time anymore

will that place of work make me tired?
after my burnout, it changes the way i see the world
i have been working for 60 hours a week before
i cannot do this anymore
this is anotehr criteria

work was everything for most of my life
i had no life for a period of my life
work was my life
now i make a separation, life and work

another criteria is can i have a nap during the day
because i have been reading about how the brain works
and the question of attention
there is always a time in the day that i need to sleep
i cannot have this much attention
it is not really productive in a ..
am i bored
i am an emotional person
and the feminist view of personal is political is how i shaped my life
so i have to take this into account
i am emotional person and i have been fighting it all my life
and i cannot do that anymore
power is a question
when i go into a workplace i cannot unsee the power relationships
that used to make me suffer a lot
i was in the past a unionist
i was in the management
i had to be a unionist
there was too much at stake
some people can be in a shitty place, they do their work and go home
and i know that i cannot do this
i am emotional and this is another criteria

the place of work has to accept me the way that i am
i don't want to try to be someone else anymore
i don't want to wear suits
i don't want to hide part of my life
this is something i realized when i was working in the city of brussels
even if the question of class and gender were not clear
i could be myself, a lesbian, married with a kid
i think this is criteria that i need
and that is it


what would define a digital body on screen
learn animation and figure out what it means
looking at bodies that are not bodies (hollow figures)

"the contents"

working with three fictional characters:

segmentation and cutting into its essential parts

fuse -- bought by Adobe, now fit into workflow
animation made easier to dress up avatars

she looked at the Character Creator function
how much can you mix charcaters created  by the software (zombie, brute, etc)

algorithms for segmentation

tracing histories of 3D scanning

crossover of techniques between Holywood and anthropometric precision

star trek again :) as a parameter. 

anthropometric technologies

new things for actors to do (they can blow their own head up!)

what is a noisy image?
if you move a scan is useles, since it does not correspond to what you see physically

whole body scan
scane the whole body in one go 

dancing on NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology
the guy who uploaded the images of the dancing figures
he worked at NIST had a background in Bell Labs
and worked on the Caesar project

Caesar database of human body elements
3d anthropometric database
car companies trying to design interiors in the most ergonomic way
US army were doing studies every 30-40 years to design uniforms for their personal

[averaging between italians and dutch - national parameters of small and big bodies]

Anthropemtry crash course
quick history of 
they show the contested space
one, identifying criminals (Alphonse Berillon)
can you easure people and make prediciotns of their behaviors
parametrize the human body

henry dreyfuss - working on ergonomics
H.Dreyfuss - the measure of man 

what is intresting to me is what kind of information they were recording
caesar recorded 4500 people
largest collection
that database keeps on being recycled for academic research
here is the research from stanford in 2010 that became the character creator that we saw in the beginning

looking at segmentation - CAESAR turning up in Fuse
this character is the guy that is in the DB
what bodies are being used to define these bodies
and what does it mean to find them in Adobe
quick run on something that is much more dense

Choreographer - Reenactment group