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Presentations list
11:00 - meeting room

We do a quick round of 5 minutes to present in keywords what each group is working on.
to create an overview of groups and small projects in progress

please note info about 'your' group below: 

Goal is to understand how we can organise the internal presentations of tomorrow between 12:30 - 16:00
Presentations will be downstairs in stretching space
also: provide info for those who want to join a group 

Earthian encounter group
Elvira, An ne , Florence

going to the park to film
make a movie
still frame of nature
overlayers with humans and non-humans
layers poetry sound dance weaving the projections
non human agencies
who inhabi t s the public space human and non human agents
form of mapping

they meet in the afternoon here on the 1st floor

live editing during the explorative performance
15 minutes + open for interventions

#public_space #performance

Trans pass port
Ale x ander, Pascale, Benjamin, Mia, Elias , Pablo

installation & performance, interactive
near the stairs
3 stations bureacracy simulator
speculative designs on passports
a couple of artefacts
hacking Edition:  Legend of the basic map (IGN) with FT* – FEMALE TO SOMETHING  / MT* – MALE TO SOMETHING

#installation #performance #interactive #speculative_designs

feminist de-militarization of (re)construction interfaces: A how-to
Gaby, Femke, Joana, Arkadi, Simone, Azahara , ...

Feminist de-materialization. We Are Many.
Focusing on one event (or even: one sentence).
what is a feminist interface
how do you reconstruct an event without fixing it (in both senses of the word)
underused methods: voice, movement , trembling
less military
how to use movement

#feminism #interface #voices #movements #video #sound

You can move but not dissolve OR n o t dissolving... Direction is determined
Seda, Pierre H, Pierre M, Rajwa , Philippe, Peggy , Samuel, Amélie

See Thursday-07-12

How to map somebody that is/remains still
that is fixed
ex person that is still inside tent in Calais, gps is recording fixed freaks out when somebody moves

Studies of Clouds
Cloud Writing (by Ada Smailbegovic - from Art in the Anthropocene) 

try to map different layers:
- time
- stillness
- different speeds
- scale as direction in the map
- high frequency trading passing above Calais, going between London & Frankfurt

orientation direction ahmed reference
connecting to Sara Ahmed - (dis)orientation

calais ad centrum of global trading of goods, between Frankfurt and London
standing is as a resitance gesture to these flows
discuss the tools they will use

Orientation (sexual)
geographical metaphor of speaking about sexualities

(probably not to be continued):
Mapping the words
Pierre T, Samuel, Emma, Xavier, ...

writ ing in cartograph ic space
linguistic research
maybe or not continuing
small experiments

Performing the lexicon / Experts of change
An, Florence, Donatella, François, Jérôme , Ramin

connect the lexicon to the installation of François
3 types of movements
movements of students in the pictures of Florence
Safe space, unsafe space, change
text is generated out of recomposition of words
they are using the data stream from the set up.
The patatoïde is used

S ate l lite Ramin:
    mapping list of data in stream of sentences
    position and gesture gives you sentence in the space
    sentence is inserted in p r ojection (as subtitles)


Pa blo

passport / map / legend / .. (for more info pls see the set of questions in the transpass etherpad).
ref. fingerprinting, likes to test genderprint / to be reveiled if you want ...  
if you want to test, it takes 2 mintues: come downstairs! you can either get your gender printed, but
 you could also just come and help and play the role of the "civil servant who assists who takes the fingerprint". help needed, I can't do this alone!!!!!
Roller dance
Pa blo

Tonight testing
how the installation of François reacts to dancing horizontally , with and without props that limit your movements.
film it from the staircase , to have yet another medium upon which we can map trajectories, speeds, patterns of occupation of space.

Who is continuing GIS exploration?
Jon interested in bringing other data into a geographical system/situation
how to bring other types of data into a mapping system
challenge standards of js
-> with feminist de-militarization of (re)construction interfaces: A how-to

GIS mind map
Am é li e
clouds /borders that dissolve or not and can move
testing the program/techniques

Nishat and Phil!!!

Azahara and Pascal
As the final presentation tomorrow they will propose a collective exercise to relax together. 
After that, meaning after 16h00, Alexander propooses to go for beers.

11:50 -> 13:00
find a comfortable place to work with your group